Feb 18

Awwww…New Daddy

Man I can’t escape this belittling crap.  I just got done taking my 3 month old to the grocery store.   So this woman with her four kids walks past me as I’ve already loaded the groceries and put Alistair in the car seat.

I’m getting into the car and I hear, “daddy”

I look out, because it totally felt like somebody trying to get my attention.

There’s this woman with a weird grin on her face who said, “Your supposed to put the handle down after you put the car seat in”

I step out and say, “huh?”

She tilts her head and says, “awwww new daddy! Yeah, it’s because if they fly out of the seat then they could smack against the bar.” First of all, the way she said, “awww new daddy” had the tone that I hear WAY too often as a stay at home dad.  It’s from a woman who is condescendingly applauding my effort to take care of the kid.  Apparently it is a commendable job to be a man taking a child to get groceries.  Maybe not enough men do this.  But to those of us who DO, and are actually CAPABLE of it, this kind of sentiment doesn’t come off as “cute” as it’s probably intended.  It comes across as, “Oh, look, it’s a dumb man trying to give his hard working wife a break and take the kids for a few minutes.  And look at all the mistakes he’s making…maybe I should take empathy and give him a tutorial”.  I might sound bitter, but I actually laugh at this stuff with my wife.  It’s such a bizarre world out there.

So this woman says that the handle is supposed to go down.  I said, “You mean if this 4 piont harness fails??”

She said, “Yeah, that’s what they told me”

I inquired, “Who’s THEY”

She said “the car seat people.”

I said, “Well I’ll do it this time, but I’m gonna look into that, cuz that’s weird.”  She smiled, and gave the impression that she KNEW what she was talking about.  Enough so that I brought it up to my wife later on. (Gayle had no clue about this woman’s logic)

Here’s the thing, if that harness fails (and have you SEEN these harnesses?!  They strap kids in now like they are going on some crazy Six Flags loop-de-loop ride!!)

So let me ask you…. what’s worse??

A) Your kid smashing his head against the handle because a car seat is FAULTY, or B) your kid bouncing around the damn car like a bouncy ball from being EJECTED from FAULTY car seat with no handle  to stop him??  It’s a NO WIN!!  My conclusion:  WHO COMES UP WITH THIS CRAP?!  We are such an accident phobic society!  We create these insanely harnessed car seats, and then prepare the customer for what happens when these products fail.  I don’t know about your car seat, but mine looks like I’m strapping my son in to rocket to the moon.

Just another day at the grocery store…..

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