Oct 6

Alistair Is No Longer ZERO!


Holy crap time flies!  I can’t believe this little raisin is now ONE!  He walks, and blabbers, and screams when he’s pissed…..he’s right on track!

It’s amazing that in only 365 days, so much has happened.  So let’s take a look back, shall we, from the days he was first born;  just after the hospital took us all out of quarantine for having H1N1, and sent us packing.  FYI – not recommended to give birth while having H1N1.  It’s not really as fun as normal childbirth….because normal childbirth is a breeze, right? Who’s with me?  No one?  Ok.  Moving on…

He was an awesome big bro from the start.

We all had to wear masks for a few days after we got home.  Biggest pain in the ass ever.  But you gotta do what you gotta do.  Noble was so great about it.

Those first baths were so scary

I kept thinking he would slip like a fish and smash onto the ground.  I think God builds, in parents, a monumental paranoia for the first few weeks of having a baby.  Every diaper change, every bath, every feeding is done with such care, because you are scared shitless of doing something wrong.

More big bro action

Masks came off, and big brothering stayed strong. I remember all the little milestones that a parent is supposed to anticipate.  No, I don’t remember dates, I only remember that he achieved them.  From lifting his head…

And so the milestones begin!

…to sitting up…

…to crawling, to standing up!

He's almost mobile!

And then…


..he became a walker!  Everything is happening so fast!

Fantasy Picture

Wow, that looks great!  I’m fantasizing right now…about 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Man, remember when these kids slept all day long and all night long?  Those first couple of weeks were heavenly!  And this kid knew how to sleep:

WAKE UP! Why am I taking a picture when there is a nap opportunity staring me in the face!

There they are again!  And again…

Who doesn't love a baby sleeping on their chest?

One of life’s greatest experiences is your sleeping newborn on your chest. Somebody elses newborn?  Pretty awesome.  Your newborn?   The greatest in the world.  I remember when he would fall asleep in the bjorn…

Oh, sorry, wrong picture….

There we are.  That kid is in a baby bjorn coma.

Feeding solids

Another milestone.  Feeding solid food.  This hasn’t lasted very long with Alistair.  He’s not much for being spoon fed.  He likes to get his hands in there and get involved.

Spaghetti head

It’s been a really exciting year.  And now I’m very much look forward to telling people he’s one! Or perhaps I’ll feel like a baby magazine mommy and announce his 12 months birthday, or his 52nd week anniversary, or possibly the greatness that is his 365th day on this planet.  No, I like ONE.  That, or I’m gonna be a smart ass and say he’s in his 525,600th minute of life.

Happy Birthday A-man.  So glad to have you out of the zero’s.

Contemplating his soon to be "oneness"

Sure I could have run to his aid, but then I wouldn’t have gotten this great picture.  Oddly enough he seemed to really get that he’d SPLAT if he moved.  My policy is that if you can climb UP it, then you damn well better know how to climb back DOWN.  I’m such a good dad.  I’m happy to report that there were no injuries.  Only a super smart kid enjoying his newly mobile, and quite wobbly legs.

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