Apr 19

Are We There Yet?

I experienced a parenting cliche this weekend.  Actually, now that I’ve written that, I’m thinking that pretty much all aspects of parenting are like a cliche.  We are all going, or are going to be, going through the exact same stuff with our kids. (Yeah, I finally did it! Three “going’s” in one sentence!)  Childhood development can almost be set by a clock.  Gayle gets these Babycenter emails telling us what stage Noble and Alistair are at in their development.  And right as she got the one that said he might start lying, Noble started testing out lying!

We were driving to Palm Springs this weekend.  Normally it would be a 2 hour drive, but there happened to be Coachella traffic, along with a lane closing car accident, so that 2 hours turned to about 3.5.  I think we were probably five minutes into our drive when Noble began, “Are we there yet?”

Ha ha ha - I thought…at first.  The ole ‘are we there yet’ bit! My parents experienced this with me and many tv shows and movies utilized this for comic relief, and there I was going through it myself!  Too cute.

The novelty wore off after the 20th time he asked me.  Partly due to my running out of unique responses.

“No, we’re not there yet.”

“Noble, I will tell you when we are there so you can stop asking.”

“Hey, quit asking me, please!”

“NEVER!  We’re NEVER getting there!  I’m gonna drive FOREVER!!”

I tried ignoring, but the inquiries just got louder.  That makes sense, because dad must just be deaf, so I’ll speak loud enough for him to hear.

In my moment of tuning the car out, I got to thinking.  You never hear stories about the kids in the olden days doing this.  And I’m pretty confident that it’s because if anyone on, say, the Nina, the Pinta or the Santa Maria said “Are we at the New World yet?” they would have been tossed overboard before the shore faded behind them.

Or what about the kids in the cannibalistic tribes of South America?  On the hunt for wild game, “Are we there yet?” I don’t see one! How much more walking do we have to do?” Those hunts most likely ended quickly, with the main course of the evening being Annoying Child.

So how do you handle this particular long drive insanity?  I should preface this by saying that God must have thought I was punished enough on the ride to Palm Springs, because everybody in the car slept the entire car ride home!  I would have enjoyed the car ride home more, but I was in such shock that this was happening, I kept checking to make sure everyone was alive.

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