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Mar 16

The Stay At Homer’s First Cartoon!

Here it is, The Stay At Homer in two dimensional cartoony glory!  I hope you enjoy! Pass it on if you like it…. (more…)

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Feb 3

Dealing With The Inner Monster: A Book Review

It’s nice when I get contacted and asked if I could review a book.  I like free books.  I do make sure to let them know that if I think it’s garbage, then I won’t write a review about it and will happily mail it back to them so they can ship it off to somebody else.  But not this time.  This time I’m keeping the book!  No, it’s not just because the Dalai Llama likes it, because he does. He endorsed it, and he’s no dummy.  No, it’s because I actually enjoyed it!

But it’s not about me, is it.  It’s a children’s book, so I need to test it out on a child to get an honest review.  The book is from the  “Now I Know…” series written by Sally Devorsine.  The book I was given is called “Now I know..That’s It’s Better To Face My Monsters!!” It’s available at Chocolate Sauce Books. (more…)

Feb 1

Raising a Two Year Old

It's bedtime...why are you smiling?  You must not have heard me, I said, "It's BED TIME."

I can’t tell you how many times I have been stopped on the street and asked, “Hey Russ!  What’s it like raising a two year old?” Actually I can tell you.  It’s never happened.  But I think that’s just because I put off an unapproachable vibe when I’m on the street.  I wear a shirt that says, “If you are close enough to read this, then I’m probably about to mace you.” So maybe it’s me.  But I wish you’d approach me more often. I like you.  And I like your question.

So what IS it like raising a two year old?  This is a really difficult question to answer.  So I thought I would give you a day in the life kind of pictorial thingy.  So, without further ado, here’s my interpretation of a day in the life with a two year old: (more…)

Jan 31

When And How To Potty Train


How many methods are there again for how to potty train your child?  550?  Is it more now?  There’s the one where you spend a weekend filling them full of salt and liquids so they pee 40 times a day.  There’s the one where you start potty training them as soon as they exit the womb.  There’s the one where you wait until they are teenagers and can’t get a date because they smell like poop, and they kinda sorta figure it out on their own. And there’s the one where you tie an alligator to the pedestal sink to block the exit of the bathroom, and tell your child that you won’t remove the hungry gator until they poop in the toilet.  There’s really just so many great, wonderful methods to try.  So which one did we do?   (more…)

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Jan 25

How To Get Your Kids To Eat Vegetables

Mmmm, I'm sensing something here....

I’m on a quest.  I don’t know how to get my kids to eat vegetables.  I need to find the answer. They aren’t in any immediate danger, except to drive me crazy telling me they won’t eat the vegetables.  And, as a human being with a somewhat basic knowledge of eating, I know that a vegetable is something that’s good to eat.  At least this is what I’ve heard. And so I have been experimenting with my kids to see if I can coerce, trick, sneak, beg, or force them to eat the veggie goodness.  I failed miserable with the crispy kale chips. But when I saw a facebook post from a high school friend, Amy Dykes Dohner, mentioning an awesome smoothie she makes that her children love (that has SPINACH in it!) I thought this is definitely worth a go! Without further ado…the recipe: (more…)

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Jan 13

The Crispy Kale Chips Recipe Experiment

As a fine dining expert, Noble enjoys the aroma of the delicacy he's about to enjoy!

There I was, researching about stay at home dads, and I come across an episode of the Martha Stewart show that was all about the stay at home dad. For the most part, it was dads sharing their little crafty projects that they do with their kids.  There was even a silly video that showed this one dad’s daily routine.  Every part of this dad’s day, with four kids by the way, was fun filled and seemingly smooth.  Total BS.  I did, however, see a dad discuss making kale chips for his kids.  They love it, apparently.  And it’s healthy! So I decided that because it was such an easy recipe, I would experiment and see if my kids would love it as much as the show says.  Plus some of you told me how much your kids love it, so I just had to try.


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Jan 6

Don’t Yell Around Your Kids!

Yes, even we, the perfect loving family get into huge arguments.  In fact, they call me "Dr. Angry"  She's "Screw Loose" and those are my kids "Drama Drama" and "SmackYo Face"


They just might see what it’s like being a real adult in the real world. We need to shelter them from the realities of human conflict so that when they grow up, and someone yells around them, they can spiral into a confusion coma because they have no idea why someone doesn’t love someone else, unconditionally, all the time….no matter what….even if they screw up…..

Come on! Seriously, though. Come on! (more…)

Dec 17

The Science Of Parenting Is Dumb…And So Is Meth

Meth is for dummies! Yeah, I know I got a booger bit hangin from my nose hole.  What about it?

It’s a statistical factuality, based on a large number of highly scientific case studies that indeed the science of parenting is dumb. Unfortunately for you animal rights lovers, some of those studies included rats. But please be assured, they weren’t harmed.  They were just told how awful their parenting styles were, and how everything they are doing is causing irreparable harm to the brain developments of their tiny little baby rats. Then, the educated scientists watched as the tiny little baby rats grew into mentally and emotionally damaged adolescent rats who then turned to Meth. Meth rats.  Not a good sign for the youth of humans…if we are to draw conclusions from these professional rat studies. (more…)

Dec 13

The Same Question

I think he might be TRYING to drive me crazy with his questions....his face gives away his evil plans!

I could go insane. It’s quite possible that the very act of asking me the same question, repeatedly, without care or concern for the validity of the answer, has the ability to send me over the edge.  I try not to rage out when Noble asks me “When is Will coming over” for the nine hundredth time.  But that is difficult, if not impossible.  There’s usually a snapping point.  It happens after I’ve exhausted the literal answers, the smart ass answers, and the ‘I don’t care anymore’ answers.  Let me see if I can break it down for you.  I’d love to give you a glimpse into my headspace….don’t let the roominess fool you…there’s a lot going on in there! (more…)

Dec 8

The Binky Fairy

He didn't fight the process so much as he mourned it...loudly.

You can’t really say to your kid, “Hey kid! If you suck on that pacifier much longer you are gonna have horse teeth!  So it’s time to chuck it!” I guess technically you can, but wow, what a horrible human.

We could have told Alistair in a nice way that it’s time to put the binky away, but where’s the transition in that?

Whenever a parent is looking for a way to transition a child without bearing the responsibility of the torturous emotional dagger to the heart, it’s a great idea to create a mythical creature to take the blame.  In this case….the Binky Fairy. (more…)