May 12

Before Kids and After Kids

Here is my face  before I had kids. I had tons of energy, ready to stay up late and push my physical body to the limits. I would actually watch theatre til 11pm and then perform, myself,at midnight. And then I would wake up and do it all again the next day.

These were really good times. In these times I said things like, “One more margarita?  Sure!” or “These things actually grow in cow shit? Sweet!” or “Leave right now for an impulse drive to San Diego?  Why the hell not?!”

But deep down where the spirit lives, where my inner child eats his cheerios, there was a void. No matter how amazing life was, there was still something missing. Whether I was present enough to be aware of it is a different story.

Today I’m a new man.  My spirit cup runneth over. It was the birth of Noble, and then Alistair, that filled my voids.  I see myself in these two little creatures; these two humans that smile, hug, and want nothing more than to get love and affection from me.  Well maybe getting that stuff from mom would rank higher, but you know what I mean.  With kids, I am warmed by the tiniest of acknowledgements. All Noble has to do is pat me on the shoulder, just saying hi, and I am validated for the week.

Now with kids, I say things like: “One more margarita?  No, I can’t, I really need to get home by 10:00 or I’m worthless the next day” or “Those things grow in cow shit!  Shouldn’t that tell us something?” or “Leave now on an impulse trip to San Diego?  Are you high?!  You are?  Oh.”

The main difference in having kids can be seen by the naked eye.  Look closely at the image below.  That is the image of a man filled to the rim with love, whose spirit is fully aligned with his source, who’s life purpose is undeniable.

All spirit, no sleep.

So if you see somebody on the street, looking extremely attractive, odds are they don’t have kids, and if they do, then they must not love them very much.  At least that’s what I say to myself.

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