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Behavior Chart

Noble Behavior Chart

Noble's Behavior Chart

It seemed a bit silly when I saw it on tv, but when Noble was being really difficult a year ago, we implemented one.  And it actually worked!  So recently, he has been pretty defiant, and so we are implementing another one.  Noble is really holding strong to his sense of independence, which is great, but his boundary testing is enough to accelerate my poor balding head.  He will punch when I disagree with him.  He will grab my face and yell at me to get his point across.  He will even revoke his friendship of me as he slams the door in my face.  Bad behavior.  Hello behavior chart.  My parents had a behavior chart. It was called a swat on the butt!  It also works.  But that’s a topic for another day…..

I believe it was the Super Nanny TV show where we got the idea.  (Here’s a link to the Super Nanny behavior charts).  Our chart is basically a sticker reward system.  If Noble has good behavior all day (or at least apologizes for his wrong doings and keeps me somewhat close to sanity), then he gets a sticker for the day.  If he gets 5 stickers in a week, which means 5 of the 7 days he had good behavior, then he gets a prize. Maybe it’s a matchbox car, or MAYBE it’s a trip to get some frozen yogurt, because mommy and daddy really want frozen yogurt and will use our sons behavior to justify it……:)

The chart is actually a poster sized piece of thick paper that Gayle grids out to show 5 weeks.  Then she decorates it and gives Noble an opportunity to decorate it as well.  It’s funny to watch her make this nice, artistic behavior chart and then see her squirm and cringe when Noble places stickers on top of stickers and tears some stickers in half….effectively destroying the clean, pretty chart she worked so diligently on. (If you look at the lower left of the chart, you’ll see a sideways Hulk, with a Batman sticker next to his head.  Noble originally put the Batman sticker on top of Hulks face, and Gayle went into a creative spasm. She convinced him to place to sticker NEXT to his head. I’m laughing right now thinking about it.  Good times!)

So far it’s been three days with the chart.  So far it’s working.  Have you made one of these?  How did it work out?  What was your reward?

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