Jun 14

The Benefit of Using the Burst Mode On Your Digital Camera


I have a little point and shoot camera.  I really want to get a nice digital camera for taking professional looking portraits of my kids.  My issue being that my point and shoot takes forever to find the focus before taking the shot.  So the moment is gone before the camera takes the picture.

But I recently discovered the burst mode on my little point and shoot!  This has added a new excitement for this tiny camera. Directly outside the back door, by the roof, a couple of birds have been making a nest.  The daddy bird would fly back and forth, over and over again, and I thought it would be cool to get a close up picture of the bird, mid-flight.  In tinkering with the camera, I discovered the glorious burst mode.  Here’s the photo I got of the bird:

Burst Mode BirdI know it’s not the greatest photo ever, so wipe that disgusted look off your face. It was fun to do! The camera took about 20 pictures, rapid fire.  So odds are something was going to come out looking ok. And by ok, in this case, I mean crappily neat.

And then I got the idea to turn it on my children!  Greatest idea ever!  Using the burst mode allowed me to capture the moment, the essence of Noble, that these point and shoots would otherwise not be able to get – because of all that auto-focussissizing!

Behold:  Noble James Jones – Burst Mode Style

Burst Mode Noble OneBurst Mode Noble TwoBurst Mode Noble ThreeBurst Mode Noble Four

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