Oct 8

Birthday Highlights


The best part of a baby’s first birthday?  You don’t have to wrap presents!  I mean, you could…if you really wanted to.  But why?  That’s like saying, “I want to spend some time carefully cutting and taping this beautiful paper over all these toys, and then I want to rip it all off later, and then I want to spend a bunch of time pulling it out of my baby’s mouth, and then I want to get frustrated at my 4 year old for making a mess of it all over the house, and then I want to spend a bunch of back aching time picking it all up and throwing it away. ” I think I’ll pass.  I’m no masochist.  I took full advantage of not having to deal with the wrapping this year.  I think Alistair appreciated the fact that his toys were already out and ready to play with, as opposed to in parts that I wouldn’t let him eat.

Apparently my parents and I have similar taste in clothes.  We pretty much bought him the same thing for his birthday.  He’ll be skeletized all month.

Here’s the birthday cupcake.  Good times! He took to chocolate like a woman on a bad day.

In the end, I think this was really Noble’s birthday.  He was the one excitedly opening the presents from grandma and grandpa. He was the one playing with the toys.  And he is the one running around with Alistair’s new activity walker.

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