Apr 8

Booger Rodeo

Come on down, folks!  It’s time for a Booger Rodeo!  All you need is a baby around the 6 month mark, an index finger, a thumb, and some “stick-to-it-iveness”.  Oh, and I almost forgot:  A BOOGER!

Now set that baby on the bed, sunny side up.  Once you got yourself a good line on that nostril hugger, use the index finger as a support on the baby’s nose while you roll your thumb up and under.  You gotta roll that booger out.  Seem pretty easy?  Sure, if the baby’s asleep.  But that ain’t no rodeo.  You gotta get that little kid during his most alert time.  Once that bell sounds, and you are pickin for a victory, that baby will toss, turn, and buck like a pissed off bronco.  And that’s when the excitement begins!

Gayle and I compete regularly, however advantage always goes to her with her longer nails.  I have to use my actual thumb chub, and while it causes the bronco to become more irate, and thus a funner challenge, I rarely take the prize.

Clean up is a snap!  You can flick it, wipe it, or, if you have any sort of common household decency you can put it in a tissue, wrap it like a christmas present, and place it lovingly in the trash.  I use my pant leg.  Gayle eats it.  :)   (I love you, Gayle….booger eater)

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