Feb 14

Broken Collar Bone


This is the best place I know to update the friends/family.  I need to write more than Twitter and Facebook can handle.  So here’s the Noble James Jones update:

He broke his collar bone.  He was kicking butt on the monkey bars, and then the monkey bars kicked his butt.  He fell hard, hitting his face and side on the ground.  Fun factor – ZERO.

We took him to urgent care because he seemed to be in pain every time Gayle picked him up.  That didn’t seem right.  At urgent care, Noble was awesome.  He was mostly just tired, which worried us initially, but there was no sign of a concussion.

Urgent care took some x rays, and told us that his collar bone was broken.  50% broken, so we freaked out 50%.  And they also told us that his shoulder was dislocated.  So they sent us over to the ER.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. Really sucks having a kid in need and not being able to get any kind of ball rolling.  It’s frustrating, but it wasn’t life threatening, so we kinda have to be ok about it.  Eventually the ER people helped us out and told us that the arm was NOT dislocated!  Good news!  They also confirmed that the bone was broken.  Sucky news!  But it didn’t break all the way through.  So there’s the glass half full.

Interesting tidbit:  kids don’t get casts because their bones are growing.  So we have the impossible task of convincing Noble that he can’t use his left arm.  We’ve already had to tell him that he “can’t run like that”, “can’t jump on the trampoline”, “can’t swing on the hammock”, “can’t play rough”….that was in the span of 15 minutes.  This will be quite a challenge.

Don't move! Sit! Here, play with this vaccuum attachment....for two weeks.

Noble handled himself like a champ.  Besides the initial crying when the accident happened, he was extremely composed and surprisingly patient throughout the entire afternoon.  The only time he almost started crying again was after they cut him out of his iron man t-shirt.  “We’ll never be able to fix it!” (And he OPTED for them to cut him out of it)  We spent a good amount of “waiting around” time discussing various ways we might fix his t-shirt.  One option was to lay him on a table and put the shirt on him, so that the cut seam was put back together, and we’d run his whole body through the sewing machine.  We opted, in the end, to just buy a new shirt.  For the ride home, they were nice enough to give us a gown. Here he is gowned up and leaving the facility.  He also REALLY wanted to keep the iron man shirt on, so they taped it together for him.  Nice doctors/nurses.

Noble also sang songs while we waited in the room.  At first, because there were three other rooms immediately next to us, I thought we might be disturbing people.  But then I thought, screw it, my kid wants to sing.  Let him sing.  And so I listened to the repetitive sing-song of “Jar….Jar…..Jam in your face”. Catchy tune.

On the ride home Noble told us, “I’m the luckiest kid in the world”.  And Gayle had an “awwwww” face, possibly thinking that he knew it could have gone much worse.  And then he says, “Cuz I got TWO chocolate treats today!” Probably one of the motivators of Noble’s mood was the endless promise of treats.  He was DEFINITELY going to get a lollipop!  And Gayle brought chocolate milk when she came back from her run, so Noble was in heaven.  And then Auntie Amy brought over chocolate frozen yogurt this evening. For my own peace of mind, I made extra sure that Noble knows that broken bones does NOT equal chocolate treats.  That could definitely create an unpleasant pattern….

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