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Do you guys play Candyland?  You remember that game? Draw a card, follow the card, next player’s turn.  You do this over and over again until one person wins.  That’s been the hot game at our house.  It’s definitely a fun game, the first couple times.

Do you have kids?  You remember that thing they do where they have fun doing something and then they want to do that over and over and over?  That’s what Noble has done with Candyland.  Lately, before we even begin to play the game, he establishes the number of games we are going to play.  Normally I don’t negotiate, but 10 times is WAY too many.  I’m usually tapped out after three.  So I make sure we establish a lower number.

Personally, I don’t know a single child in the 3-5 age range that gracefully accepts defeat.  Gayle and I do our best to establish a “congratulations” to the winner, whoever that winner may be.  But when Noble loses, he acts as though the game was played wrong or something.  Because – how could this be?!  How could he possibly LOSE?  Candyland is a game where Noble wins!

Winning is more fun than losing!

This brings me to my questionable parenting maneuver.  I know that Noble needs to experience defeat, but sometimes I just don’t feel like dealing with the reaction to losing the game.  So I use my best sleight of hand to maneuver any unfavorable cards away from the deck when Noble draws his card, and then I put the card back on my turn, so that I get it.  This helps to: A) allow Noble to win when I so desire, and B) keep the game short.

Candyland can take forever…if you don’t manipulate the results.  Let me introduce you to my favorite and least favorite cards.

The Golden Cone, and the Crappy Cookie

Draw the cone and you get to move your piece all the way to the top of the board….extremely close to the winning space.  Draw the gingerbread man, and you have to practically go all the way to the start.  Oh, how devastating it is when you are almost at the end, almost about to win the game, and you get the crappy cookie!

I think the thing that bugs me about Candyland is that the game is predetermined.  There is absolutely nothing you can do, unless you cheat, to alter the outcome of the game as it has been laid out from the start. Draw a card, do what it says, next player draws a card. I think that’s why I’m more of a Hi-Ho Cherry-o kinda guy.  At least you get to flick a spinner…

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