May 26

Kids Captioned

The following are some pictures that I’ve taken, and the captions, as I see them.

(thick Cockney accent) Scuse me sir, I got no hands, you see, an' it's dreadful cold out. Can't even pull me wagon. I could sure use some, um, pudding. Chocolate if you got it. Then I'm straight away. No bother. Hot chocolate, too, if it's no trouble.

After the 20 minute Yoga video was over, Alistair realized he had just stood there the entire time; wondering how in the hell he was gonna do any of those poses.


Abigail, "Hey Alistair, look over there. See that dead bird? That's gonna be you if you eat any more of my puffs."

No one needed to explain a turnbuckle to Alistair. He just seemed to get it....much to the dismay of his older brother.

Raisins are the drug of choice on the playground. Alistair has been hooked for 3 months now. There is an intervention planned.

I have no idea why my kids get sick. It remains a complete mystery.


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