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Jun 3

Don’t be a schlub

You callin' me a schlub?

You callin’ me a schlub?

Confession time.  I’m a schlub.  The definition?  I’ll look it up, just so we are accurate.  Hold, please….. WHOA!  What the hell?! I just looked up the definition, it’s “a person regarded as clumsy, stupid, or unattractive.”  Unbelievable! I am NOT a schlub!  I thought it meant someone who doesn’t keep a clean face, maybe lets their nose and ear hairs grow too long, trips over things, wears the same clothes from 10 years ago, and maybe forgets things easily. I was trying to say that I do not have a super stylish wardrobe, and I shower only when I remember, which can sometimes be every day, and sometimes it means every couple of days.   I’m saying that clearly I’m not a metrosexual.  Not that there’s anything wrong with being a metrosexual.  Many of my friends are metrosexual.  I’m just saying that I’m a messy individual.  And I get my clothes from Old Navy…..not that a metrosexual can’t own clothes from Old Navy, that’s not what I’m saying.  Quit backing me into a corner here!   Fine!  Alright!  I’m a schlub!  You happy?! (more…)