Jun 8

Cherish Every Moment


As I stood there, sweeping up the bag of chips that Alistair spilled all over the floor, (none of which he wanted, by the way. It was pure spilling for the sake of spilling.) I wondered if this was one of those moments that all those veteran parents want me to cherish when they plead, “Cherish everything!  It goes so fast! Cherish every moment!”

For the record, I do not cherish this moment.  When I am 55 years old and when my children are hopefully out of the house, it will most definitely NOT be moments like this that I miss.  If I go forever without picking up a giant spilled bag of chips, I will be just fine.  No regrets.  No missing the clean up.  No wishing I would have enjoyed it more.  Nothing.  Nada.

Sometimes it is just too difficult to be a cherisher, or, one who cherishicizes.  Yesterday, I left Alistair for two minutes to do some laundry stuff, and when I returned to the kitchen, he had found my Kindle, and scribbled all over the screen in crayon.  I freaked!  I ripped the Kindle away, and went to my computer to google, “How to clean crayon off a Kindle screen.”  In the time it took to get the answer, Alistair had located a marker and was using it to decorate the kitchen floor!  Oh my what the H?!  COME ON!

So should I have cherished that moment? It falls in the category of “every moment.” But really?

It is really hard to cherish them all.  And so I won’t.  I just can’t. I have now decided that when someone asks me to cherish every moment, my reply will be, “Even when they fall and break their bones, throw things at my face, or punch me in my cup-n-noodle?”

My Kibble and Bits took this photo....right before we all blacked out.

I will then add a definitive, “No!  No thank you.  I will cherish a portion.  A very large portion…..knock on wood. But a portion nonetheless.” I wonder how they’ll react?

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