Jan 13

The Crispy Kale Chips Recipe Experiment

There I was, researching about stay at home dads, and I come across an episode of the Martha Stewart show that was all about the stay at home dad. For the most part, it was dads sharing their little crafty projects that they do with their kids.  There was even a silly video that showed this one dad’s daily routine.  Every part of this dad’s day, with four kids by the way, was fun filled and seemingly smooth.  Total BS.  I did, however, see a dad discuss making kale chips for his kids.  They love it, apparently.  And it’s healthy! So I decided that because it was such an easy recipe, I would experiment and see if my kids would love it as much as the show says.  Plus some of you told me how much your kids love it, so I just had to try.

For those that don’t know, here’s the recipe:

1) Kale

2) 1 TBSP Olive Oil

3) Heat oven to 300 degrees.  Rip Kale into bite sized chunks.  Mix in olive oil so that all the leaves are covered.  Put on a baking sheet and bake for about 30 minutes or until cripsy.

4) Season to taste!

Pretty easy.  So I did it.  And the results are in!

MY KIDS LOVE IT! They can’t get enough of it!  Just look:

As a fine dining expert, Noble enjoys the aroma of the delicacy he’s about to enjoy! Personally, I’m too busy wondering who’s damn fingerprints are all over my tv.

Noble’s initial reaction to the flavor couldn’t be more positive! So happy he loves it!

Go ahead Alistair, keep savoring it on your tongue! Take your time! ENJOY! I couldn’t be more proud that my kids are delighting in this snack!


Just so you know, that is NOT a dry heave…he’s actually trying to get more kale chips in his mouth, he loves them THAT much!

Isn’t he looking at me like I betrayed him somehow? So cute. Almost like he’s plotting a violent revenge against me. I could just pinch those cute little cheeks.

So there you have it!  My children had such a fantastic Kale chip experience.  I’m so glad I watched that Martha Stewart video and listened to those of you who posted on The Stay At Homer on Facebook!  THANK YOU!

Do you guys have any other snacks you could recommend?  Things that are QUICK, EASY, something that a horrible cook could make?  Post a link in the comments or just tell me what it is and I’ll google it! Thanks!



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