Jan 26

Dressing My Child


Sometimes I wonder why I even bother putting ANY effort into picking out what Alistair is going to wear.  Wanna know why?  I bet you wanna know why.  I bet you are gonna get a blog post why:

On this one special day, I thought to myself, “Russ, let’s doll this kid up!” And so I put him in a nice collared shirt, took the time to find pants that seemed* to match.  And I even sifted through the sock bin to find two matching socks – something I rarely do, because pairing baby socks is impossible.  They are ridiculously tiny, and I’m convinced they get sucked down the drain in the washing machine.  I think a clothing moth could even polish one off in a single sitting, so yes, my children don’t match socks.  That is our life.  But not on this very special day.  On this very special day, Alistair was a real handsome baby with matching socks.

And then Noble had a playdate over, and, um……

…they decided to make a pool (probably a lava pool, or some sort of water torture for the action figures) and Alistair decided to use it as a soaking tub!  The sidewalk chalk that you see in his hand, on the picture above, was also used as lipstick and beef jerky, so that came to an end real quick.

What I learned was that kids like to have this thing called “fun”.  If you give them an opportunity to be clean or messy, it’s a statistical fact that they will pick messy.  This goes back to the olden days when scientists found a direct link between the amount of dirt on a child and how much fun they were having.  Never mind that I don’t have a strong sense of style, and an equally inept ability to “match”.  It’s just not in the cards for a child to have fun and stay clean.  So why I bother, especially on days when Noble has a playdate over, and they are playing outside…..what was I thinking?

*I say ‘seemed’ to protect myself in the event that the pants didn’t actually match.  I made the effort, so don’t you be trying to bust me on that!

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