Mar 4

Damn You Playdough!

I cleaned off the dining room table.  I got out the green, plastic tablecloth to keep things clean. I neatly placed the playdough and the playdough toys on the table.  I instructed Noble and his friend Will to keep the playdough at the table, and forbade them to lick, kiss, or eat it.  Everything seemed to have been prepared properly.  So why am I taking a picture of THIS?!?!

On the bright side, it could have been much worse. Originally when I felt my shoe mushing into something, my first reaction was “AH CRAP! KITTY VOMIT!” And unlike playdough, you don’t get to nonchalantly ‘peel’ kitty vomit off of a shoe. So, hey, I found the good! Yeah for me!

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