Nov 21

The Perfect Christmas Gift For Dad

So there you are, wishing your husband would be more involved, maybe take the kids to the park or to the mall, or a hike, or “just wherever, just go!” But there’s something standing in the way:  his masculinity.  It’s next to impossible to exude that alpha dog manliness out in public when he’s carrying your teal diaper bag.  It looks like a damn purse!

Manhood = Baa Bye

A number of years ago when I first began stay at homering, I frustratedly carried that teal diaper bag around,  leaving my poor testicles at home. I really missed those guys while I was out.  I wanted them with me at all times, like a real man.  It just wasn’t working.  After spiraling into a year long diaper bag depression, or DBD as it’s called in the medical community, I finally found the answer. And it wasn’t long before my DBD became a thing of the past.  I had a daddy diaper bag!

Here’s the link to the one I’ve owned for years.  It’s still holding up and doing it’s part to make me feel manly.  Because it’s a backpack, not a purse! I would recommend watching the video to see all of the cool features.  They even have vests so dad can take his kids out and not look like an overpacked, overprepared “mom.”  The vests seem really cool: he can look like a typical underprepared, idiot dad who is completely oblivious to the essentials he NEEDS to have when he takes his small one out.  But just when people start to point their fingers at him for being a horrible parent, BAM, he’ll unzip the pockets of his vest and pull out the sippy cup, the diaper, the wipes, and hey what’s that?  Oh, it’s Desitin.  Yeah, there’s a pocket for that -who’s the horrible parent now?!

Going to hike up a mountain? Nope. Gonna change a diaper, but you'd never know it looking at this manly man.

I highly recommend exploring Dad Gear and seeing what they have to offer.  It’s the perfect gift for the dad in the house. It’s right up there with the iPad 2, a new iPhone, or any other iThing. Not that I’m hinting to my own wife or anything, I’m just saying that an iPad 2 is probably the best way to bring me joy for the holiday season.

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**DISCLAIMER** Nobody asked me to, or paid me to write this post.  Nobody pays me to do anything.  I’m the at home parent, and my children claim that they are broke, and so are unwilling to pay for my services.  My life is pretty much a pro bono case.


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