Mar 17

Dinobituary: The Beheadings

It is with great sorrow, but mostly frustration, that we say goodbye to these two prehistoric friends. Sadder still is that they didn’t even have names.  Green Dino and Orange Dino, as they were referred to, were great fun while they had heads.  They were exceptional in play games such as “Dino party smash up”, “Dino Destroyers”, and also “Let’s Bash the Dinosaurs on Something”.  They were always first to volunteer to be the “bad guy smasher dinosaur”.  But early into Green Dino’s 15th round of “Noble’s gonna use you as an axe”  his head was torn right off.  Nobody saw this coming, not even I, who absentmindedly watched from the sidelines.  Not to be deterred, Orange Dino jumped at the once in a lifetime chance to be Noble’s first choice in axe time.  Unfortunately for Orange Dino, his neck never had a chance.  Sometimes it’s just better to work your way to the top, than to jump at an opportunity before you are ready.  Orange Dino was not ready.  He paid the price by becoming dead.

We now take a moment of silence to honor their passing…..

Ok now!  Who’s next? Triceratops?

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