Mar 6

DVDs And Kids Do Not Mix

I was so proud of myself when I was able to teach Noble how to load a dvd into the dvd player.  It’s all part of a master plan so that I can say, with regularity, “Sure you can!  Go ahead and do it yourself”.  If I can teach him to take care of the DVD player, get him to wipe his butt without making things worse, and give him the skills to make a sandwich and fill a sippy with a healthy beverage, then my work as “amazing father” will be ALMOST on the verge of being close to the path of complete!

The only hiccup in my dvd plan was that I forgot to mention the proper care of dvds. I guess I thought that it was self explanatory that a dvd is NOT a frisbee, that it is not a happy-fun disc that you slide across the hardwood floors, and that it doesn’t work well as a cleaning tool for wiping down the walls.  This would be the reason that a selection of dvd’s have gone from this:

Clean DVD

To this:

Scratched DVD

And we wonder why our dvd’s skip.  The next time you get a Netflix movie, and it’s skips or doesn’t work, please think of Noble.  He’s probably been using it as a Shamwow.

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