Nov 28

Establishing Chores

It dawned on us the other day, as Noble was running around the backyard enjoying his game of “Throw Toys Wherever The Hell I Want When I Am Done With Them” that perhaps we need to institute some policies.  It then dawned on us (yes, lots of dawning going on over here)  that Noble didn’t have any set chores.  This kid needs some chores!

Someday he'll be making us dinner! Gotta train em early...

Sure, there are many things that Noble is required to do.  However, they are inconsistent; sometimes setting the dinner table, sometimes cleaning his bedroom,  sometimes re-shingling the roof, you know, basic stuff.  But we haven’t established a daily chore situation.

We are thinking about a once a week full room cleaning.  Not the B.S. daily cleaning where everything is chucked under something, on top of something, or piled in the closet.  Because apparently if the floor is clean, then the room is clean, right? Wrong!  And yes, I realize what a complete moron I am for writing this when this particular cleaning style definitely passed from my DNA. I guarantee if my mom is reading this, she is laughing….AT me.

On top of the once a week room cleaning, we are establishing a few other daily staples.  Noble has a fish, or wait, scratch that, the fish actually belongs to me. He was quite the entertainment on the weekend he was purchased.  But that beta fish gets fed by Gayle or myself every day. So requiring Noble to feed the fish in the morning and at night shouldn’t be that big of a deal, right? So that will be a daily chore.  So what else should we add to the chore load?  It feels like he needs more.

Noble is 5.  What chores do you have your kids, or did you have your kids doing, at age 5?  I’m not sure if we are doing too little. Should I be having him clean the bathroom?  Washing the exterior windows?  Changing the oil in my car?  I’d like to get a routine of chores going so that my boys will grow up to be valiant, ethical, honorable….oh who am I kidding, they aren’t in knight training.  How about this – what can I do to put hair on my kid’s chest? Nope, ugh, scratch that one as well.  That would freak me out.  How about this – what chores can I give to Noble so that he learns responsibility, work ethic, and um, well, anti-slobbery?  Yeah, that’ll do.  The lines are now open….

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