Mar 9

Evolving Relationship

There’s no doubt that the relationship you start with your husband/wife isn’t going to be the same 10 years down the line. When Gayle and I first met, everything we did was adorable to the other. But then something happens. Over time, things evolve, as it did with Gayle and I. These days, if I am within 10 feet of Gayle while I eat popcorn, she looks at me and says something to the effect of, “oh my god I want to smash a frying pan on your face right now!”, or maybe “Can you chew any louder? Are you TRYING to piss me off?” I could get mad, but in all honesty, whenever I’m at the computer and she lovingly sits next to me with a bowl of Cheerios….and starts slurping it into her face, I look like this:

If she slurps one more time.....

So what can a person do to assist in the success of an evolving relationship? Know what foods are loud when you eat them, and plan to leave the room, have thicker skin, and adopt a mantra…mine is, “Don’t do it, Russ, it’s not worth the jail time”.

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