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The Fun Felt Project Situation


There are times when I agree to do something with Noble without realizing what I’m getting myself in to.

We were watching Nick Jr, as we tend to do at our house, and an ad came on for this crafty craft project of making Moose A. Moose and Zee out of felt.  Well I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut because, you see,  I knew we had felt, and I just had to say something about it.  And I only really said it as a future thought.  “Hey, we have felt!  We should do that some time.”  In kid speak, ‘we should do that some time’ means “NOW NOW NOW!”

So we go to the website and click on the project. Oh, but we need felt glue. I’m saved! “Sorry, bud, we need felt glue.  Maybe we’ll pick that up at some point and do the project later.”  In kid speak that just means ‘harass my dad until he gives in’  – which I did.

I could have easily said “no”.  But then I would’ve been staring down the barrel at an angered, vengeful four year old.  I would have been dubbed a ‘bad dad’, and I would have had to listen to fun statements like, “I hate your words!” or “You’re not being nice to me!” or “I’m NEVER gonna do a project with you, EVER!”  I think I chose wisely.

I discovered all too quickly that doing a project like this ‘WITH your son’ basically means that I do EVERYTHING and he lords over me like a ruthless sweat shop manager.  It’s really something special when my child is getting frustrated and impatient with me while I am going out of my way for them.  “It’s taking foooorrreeeevvvveeerrr!”, “It’s not done yet?!” It’s really quite a marvel that I kept going.  Maybe I’m a glutton for that kind of abuse.  Jury’s out on that.

Now we come to the point in this post where I do an anti-promotion:  Felt glue.

I glued – according to the instructions.  We waited – according to the instructions.  And this is where the instructions took an odd turn.  At the point where the felt is supposed to actually STICK, we had ourselves an easily peeled couple of pieces of felt.  I think what they should say in the instructions is something like “Once the glue is allowed to dry, feel free to place your craft project away from any direct contact, as the glue is only meant to hold pieces of felt together in the event that they are in an untouched environmnet.  Also keep away from wind, heat, cold, sunlight, darkness, and direct eye contact, as this will cause the glue to peel.”

In the end, Gayle hand sewed one of them, and I sewed the other.  The result of the ordeal were two pretty awesome stuffed animal pillows.  Noble adored them for two days.

And then Zee lost a foot, and Noble abandoned the chincy pillows.  But for a few short moments, we put a smile on that kid.  And isn’t THAT what it’s all about? (insert cheesy music, and the imagery of a father swinging his child, in circles, in a wheat field, in slow motion.)

In closing:  parent tip #ZR7niner – Unless you intend to follow through, keep your mouth shut.

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