Oct 14

It’s Finally Happening


I still can't keep my eyes open during a flash photo. My eyes are such weenies.

Yes!  It’s finally happening.  No, Noble isn’t growing out of his “poopy fart face” talk.  No, Alistair still thinks it’s ok to punch the toilet bowl water.  I’m talking about this very website that you are looking at right now.  It’s about to look different!

I’ve almost officially released the website for a couple months now.  And it feels pretty awesome that it’s actually really for realsies going to happen.  This Tuesday, at 10:30am to be precise.

So what to expect from the new design?  You mean besides the 3D gaming experience*, the endless 75% off coupons for things you actually need*, and the free “thanks for viewing my site” Blu-ray player*? Besides that,  the look of the site is going to be completely different, and it will hopefully take on a more community, resourcey aspect.  Same stories of my children raising my blood pressure, but hopefully we can all build on shared advice and the idea that we can all help each other stay a little saner by taking part in the conversation, or, at the very least, continuing to gossip about our children.  I have learned some neat tricks from you guys, and am also looking forward to trying things that I’ve learned through this blog.  For instance, Joanna, you mentioned that you got your kids to sleep through the night in their own bed by using an alarm clock.  That was great advice!  We will be trying that at our house.  It’s that kind of great sharing that I would love to encourage and grow here.  Because honestly, if I read one more book by a so called expert in a so called field with so called advice that so called doesn’t apply to my so called child.  Then I will so called explode.

What else? We’ll have guest posts!  I have some extremely funny friends who are also parents, and who have some great insights into this parenting world of ours.  Hopefully we’ll get some ongoing posts from them, as well.  And my lovely wife, who has been steadily changing our house and our minds into a greener, more sustainable way of life will be contributing to a new section that will give wonderful, simple tips on greener living.  Here’s a quick photo example of a green post you might see from her:

Use your kids old throw away drawings as wrapping paper

There is more, and I’ll share that with you on Tuesday.  For now, let us get back to the important issue:  why Noble won’t stop jumping on the couch even though I specifically told him over 1000 times that we don’t jump on the couch.  Selective hearing? Complete disregard for my authority?  Who knows…..seriously, who knows? I’m asking.


*These are jokes. They are false.  They are not happening.  You think I would actually give away a bunch of blu-ray players?!  You think I actually have access to 75% off coupons?!  3D gaming experience on a parenting website?!  I WISH! You are giving me WAY too much credit.  I still love you, and hope that you love me too.

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