Feb 26

Fish For Dinner


Ok, so not all children jump at the opportunity to eat a wonderful home cooked meal.  I made, what I thought was a pretty tasty meal: marinated cod, with rice, kiwi, edamame and some pear.  Nice and healthy.  I was so proud! The second I set the plates down, Alistair started up about it, so I thought I would film it to share with Gayle.  The result was such that I felt I should share it with you.  Behold: Alistair’s 16 seconds of fish opinion.


You will be happy to know that in the end, using the age old technique of “Well, you can eat it or go to bed hungry….your choice” worked like a charm.  And in the end, HE LIKED IT!

In other news, we have pet chickens and are curious as to his opinion when he puts together that this:


Comes from the same animals we have in our backyard:

Don't eat us!!

Don’t eat us!!



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