Oct 4

Getting Your Child To Sleep


Sleep is important.  So why parents don’t get to have any is a huge mystery.  There are many methods of sleep training for your infant, from delicate sleeping with your child and kissing their face until they go to bed, to the most hardcore, where you drown out their screams with volume boosted Seinfeld reruns.  And as much as people subscribe to all these methods, I have yet to hear any parent, who’ve used ANY of these methods, proclaim that “I slept 8 hours straight last night!” If they did say that, I would likely punch them in the mouth for lying.  If they aren’t lying, I would likely punch them in the mouth for bragging.  Either way, 8 hours sleep=likely punch in the mouth.

The past couple of days, however, there have been some interesting developments at our house.  I don’t know if it’s in the food, the air, or the daily activities, but as soon as I figure it out, I’m going to bottle it and sell it and make millions of dollars in the “can’t get your kids to sleep” demographic.


Now, I’ve given him pineapple, bread, cottage cheese and pears before. So I doubt it’s that.  But there is something going on that has him almost comatose while he’s eating.

But then let’s turn to Noble – different day.  His dinner was a crock pot explosion of goodness.  Sausage, onions, potatoes, some cheese soup along with some cream of celery soup.  Tasty!  But a narcotic to induce sleep?  Can’t be, because he spent the ten minutes before this video, complaining that his belly was full and telling him not to eat the food.

I may never know how, exactly, to repeat these events.  But I can say that when people tell me to cherish every moment of my child’s life….THESE are the moments that I hug in my mind.  There are no tantrums, no yelling, no complaining, no negotiating, no snotty faces, no throwing of food.  Just quiet, calm, perfection.

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