Feb 27

Gifts for Mommy

Pen Holder

Noble's pen holder for Mommy (with some signature pieces added on by Noble).

I think the hardest thing about being a working mom is being away from the kids all day.  I know this is true for Gayle, because it has been a constant struggle since she’s been back at work.  She really misses her kids.

So what to do?  Gayle really likes being surrounded by her family, so we try to make her stuff to keep at work.  Here’s a recent project that Noble and I made.  It’s a pen holder.  I just picked up a packet of popsicle sticks one day at Vons so that Noble and I could just glue sticks together.  There was no project in mind.  But when I opened up the package of sticks, I found an instructional guide to making the pen holder.  So we went for it.

The guide is pretty much like an Ikea instruction manual.  A bunch of pictures that are hard to decipher and, in the end, incorrect.  So if you put yours together, make SURE you double check the math on how many sticks to put in each row.

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