May 31

God's Perfect Creations

I guess if you were to ask me my current views on the perfection of God’s creation, the human, I would have to say that I think there is one monumental flaw.

I have been contemplating this flaw for the past few days and I just can’t seem to piece together the logic.  Let me just put it out there and maybe you religionistical folk can help me out.

My child is almost 8 months old now.  We have just gotten to a pretty awesome point with him, as far as feeding and sleeping goes.  We pieced together a pretty nice routine for this kid, and everything seemed to be going great, and then…..

A pain begins in his mouth; a pain that increases and turns everything into a total nightmare.  Sleeping is impossible, eating sucks, and his general demeanor is one of frustration and irritation.  And then, maybe a day later, maybe 3 weeks later, a large sharp object jams it’s way through his gums; gums that have no convenient slits or openings for this sharp tooth.  It literally punctures a hole in my child’s mouth!  And then, once that is over with, once the calm comes back, another tooth stabs it’s way through his gummy flesh.  This repeats for TWENTY teeth!

Why the hell do they have to rip through the gums?  Couldn’t the top layer of gums lovingly peel back and dissolve like those breath strips and reveal these nice teeth that can now easily slide upward without any pain at all?  Seems that would be ideal.  As it stands, we “poor baby” and hold and comfort our child as they go through this massively torturous experience.  Seriously, contemplate a bone punching a hole through your gums.  Ouch, right?  I think the current method of “teething” is outdated and should be updated in the newer model of baby.  I think we are all ready for a next phase of evolution.

No offense to God, of course.  I’m just thinking out loud.

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