Jan 27

The Two Golden Outfits


I don’t think I’ve shared this story with you. It’s one of those “chalk it up to me doing something to embarrass myself in public” stories.  Gayle, unfortunately, had to suffer this one as well.

There were some friends of ours that were having twins.  We were out shopping, and one of the items on our adventure was to get some outfits for the babies.  Well, we were in the Paseo in Pasadena, and while Gayle went off to look at clothes for herself, I went in to this boutique of children’s clothes.

Somebody from the nice little place came over to me and I mentioned that I needed a couple of baby outfits for a present.  Happy to help the lady brought me over to the right section.  I immediately found a couple of outfits, nothing fancy, just a simple boy and girl top and bottom.  they had a 2 on them, so I figured they were a couple bucks each, and I elected to purchase.  She brought them over to the counter and was nice enough to start gift wrapping them for me.

As she was wrapping up the clothes, Gayle entered and asked what I was doing.  I told her that I’d found a couple of outfits for our friends and that she was gift wrapping them for me.  I looked down and saw a receipt, so I thought I needed to sign it, but it was for $230, so I slid it across the counter and said, “I think the last person left his receipt.  Here ya go.”

To which she said, “No, that’s yours.

To which I said, “This is for $230!”

To which she says, “yes, I know.”

To which Gayle is visibly embarrassed and leaves the store.

To which I say, “I’m sorry I’m not going to buy these, I thought the two meant they were $2 each. I can’t spend 100 some dollars on a baby outfit.”

To which she became visibly annoyed.  I’m not sure whether she was annoyed that she had gift wrapped a ‘No Sale’, or whether she was irked at the idea that I could think those precious outfits were only worth $2.

Seriously though! $230?! What kind of a mark up is that?!  These baby clothes require the same amount of fabric as you’d use to make a dish towel!

I really do feel bad for Gayle sometimes.  I’m a typical guy in the sense that I don’t think beyond a thought when doing things.  If I took a second to think, I could have probably figured out that the place was high end. And I probably should have red flagged that an outfit couldn’t be $2.  Baby clothes wouldn’t even go for $2 in a thrift store, so I get it, I’m dumb.  But anybody who thinks I’m going to pay $230 for two baby outfits is also dumb. But who’s dumber?  I think we all know the answer to that one.  She’s not reading this, so I’m not too worried about hurting her feelings.  Am I right, people?!  *High five*

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