Nov 22

I Slept With Chuck Norris


Pretty bold title, I know.  Just wait for it…

Alistair has had a cold the past few days.  I’m not normally a “bring the kids to bed with me” kind of person.  But there is a kind of person that I’m really not, and that’s the “every time I think I can curl up under the sheets and go to bed, I have to throw those covers off me and tend to a baby who only seems to sleep long enough for me to get from his bedroom to my bed” kind of person. So after the fourth time of getting up for the crying baby, I decided to say “fuck it” and brought him to bed with us.

Sleeping next to your little guy is pretty awesome, I have to say. As far as mushy, cheesy rainbow father feelings go, getting to be snuggly with your kids is right up there at the top. It’s amazing, and not commonplace at our house.   But with every yin, there is a yang. Let me show you the yang of my previous night.  Youtube is great for finding perfect examples.  Here, imagine that Chuck Norris is the sleeping Alistair, and the sleeping ME is the other guy.  Shall we see what I endured throughout the night….and you will know why I am not a “bring the kids to bed” kind of guy.

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