May 13

Happy Mother’s Day + New Cartoon


This moment will come in every parent’s life:

Stay At Homer cartoon #5 It doesn’t matter what we do, we are most certainly going to become our parents.  For better or worse, we were born as little pieces of them. And as we grew up, we took on their mannerisms, their perspectives, and their habits.  We collected a laundry list of things that we arrogantly declared  to ourselves we would change when we became parents.  And now as I look back on my childhood, and what a moron I was half the time, I am incredibly thankful that I got these parents.  And if I do turn into them, then I must be doing something right.  I only wish I can be as much of a pain in the ass to my kids as my parents were to me….wait, that didn’t come out right….

I love my mom!  That’s what I’m saying!




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