May 8

How Did Alistair Come Out Of Your Tummy?

Gayle put Noble to bed last night.  As she was tucking him in he asked her, “Mommy, why did Alistair come out of your tummy?” Gayle, taken aback by the question, answered by saying, “The doctor took him out”.

Noble, not accepting the answer said, “But how?”

“Well, I went to the hospital, and the docto..”

“But HOW?” Noble was not getting the answer he was looking for and was getting agitated.

The pressure to come up with an answer was getting to Gayle.  She couldn’t be completely honest, because that would involve the word ‘vagina’, and none of us are ready to hear about how Noble worked the word ‘vagina’ into his day to day vocabulary. So instead, she tried to avoid the issue by saying, “Well Noble, I am not a doctor so I need to find out how they do it, and I’ll get back to you.”

Noble, giving up, said, “ok.”

Gayle then came to me, in the kitchen, and relayed the story.  “Russ, we are gonna have to figure out how to answer that question.”

I laughed the entire time she told me the story, because I actually knew the answer he was looking for; the how. Noble had asked me the very same question a couple of days ago.  But unlike Gayle, I had the answer.

Two days ago, Noble asked me, “Dad, how did Alistair come out of mommy’s tummy?”

I thought about it for a second, smiled, and said, “Like this.” I then struck the following pose and made a sound like an angry dinosaur.  Guess what – that satisfied his curiosity perfectly.  Gayle still thinks we need to be able to answer that question.  Personally, I think I made it quite clear.

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