Mar 3

How To Be a Lazy Parent

Every once in a while your child will create a game that inadvertently allows you to lounge out on the couch and do almost nothing! For a parent who gets no sleep and entertains the whims of the little dudes all day long, these types of games are welcome with open arms. Some people call it “independent play time”. Some people call it “Mommy and daddy time”. And others may call it, “Could you please just leave me alone for five mintues, time”.

This game that Noble created does that wonderful thing where mommy and daddy can still be somewhat engaged, but also can be on the couch, relaxed, watching tv, unwinding from a long day. The game?  You’ve Got Mail!  This does require that you allow your child to bust into your card cupboard and take what he will.  In this case, Noble took a small paper bag and a series of blank green cards. He brought them over to the coffee table where Gayle and I were lounged out.  Noble then drew on the cards, put them in the bag, delivered the bag to us, and then hid behind the coffee table chanting, “Check your mail. You’ve got mail!”  So we pull out the cards that he drew, ooooh and awwww the artwork,  and then Noble would come over and read to us what the card says.  And then he would take the “mailbox” back and do some more cards.  This lasted for a good 20-30 minutes.  Twenty minutes of not having to leave the couch, of being able to watch tv without a 3 year old jumping on my lap saying, “daddy, daddy, let’s play in my rooooooom!”

The cards were really funny.  The one on the left says, according to Noble, “I love you, dear you”, and the one on the right said, “Dear you, I love you, but I don’t love you when you are mad” but then a few seconds later he said that the card reads, “Dear you, I love you, now get me some milk”.  He should write for Hallmark.

Noble's cards

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