Nov 3

How to Entertain Your Child While Resting


I am fried at the end of the day.  Imagine spending the day at Disneyland, on Christmas break, and you stayed for the parade, and you got home late, and the baby is cranky and won’t sleep, and you just want to sleep, but you have to deal with the baby.  You know that tired feeling? That wall?  Where all you want to do is go to bed, but you can’t.  That’s me at around 6pm every weekday.  And there’s still dinner, bath, Gayle coming home, bedtime routine, and the put down.

So it’s a gift from the heavens when situations arise where I can actually entertain Noble without having to really move.  In this case, I was even able to lay on my bed!

The game:  Cut dad’s feet out of the lava socks.

Pretty easy game.  I took every sock I owned that has holes in them (probably about 80% of them), I put them on, gave Noble his little kid scissors, and told him that my feet were being burned off by the lava socks, and he needed to rescue them by cutting them off me.

Then I laid my head on the pillow, closed my eyes, said a silent prayer for my son to have excellent eye hand coordination, and put myself through a massive trust exercise.  A very relaxing, mostly relaxing, sometimes scary, trust exercise.

Once I was cut out of the socks, I put on new ones from the pile, and the game repeated.  I probably got a good 20 minute rest* out of the deal.

*Rest, in this case, does not refer to a “nap”, something childless persons use to fully shut out of the world, recharge, and then wake up more tired than when they laid down in the first place.  Rest, in the case, is referring to small moments in time where the parent doesn’t have to be running around the house; where the parent can let their feet breathe a little; where the parent can kinda sorta, not really but just a little bit relax.

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