Mar 15

How To Take A Photo Without Blinking

It’s family picture time! Sweet! Let me just grab my son! Ok Alistair, smile!  He’s not smiling yet? OK, I’m gonna hold my smile, you just take the picture whenever you see him smile….ok….and…..(PICTURE). What? My eyes were squinting? What the F?!  Frickin flash. Take another one. (PICTURE) Again?  Damnit!!

Does this sound familiar to you? This is my life. I cannot take a picture if there’s a flash involved without looking like a stoner. Here are some great examples of what I’m talking about:

Needless to say, my memories all come with that added bonus topic of conversation: “You can NEVER keep your eyes open! You look stoned!  What’s WRONG with you?!” Good times…nyet.

Normally, when photos are involved, I just  fix it with Photoshop! But sometimes Photoshop isn’t the right man for the job.  As shown by exhibit A:

Look!  He’s got my eyes!  But something looks a little off.  Not toooooo bad, but Noble and I aren’t aliens, so it doesn’t really “feel” natural.  If you have this problem, and want to capture great family photos where you actually look alert, and not half baked, I suggest this great advice that people give to me all the time.  “DON’T BLINK!”

I have actually found a couple of decent suggestions on the topic.  To elminate the chances of blinking:

  1. Take the camera off red eye reduction.  People like me can’t handle that flutter of flashes going off.  Sure, wewon’t have red eye, but then we have to look baked out of my mind.  I’d much rather click on the red eye magic eraser dealy on iPhoto than to have to explain to everybody that sees the picture….”no, I know I looked stoned, I’m not.  I just really suck at getting my photo taken. “
  2. Stare at the sun, or source of brightness, with your eyes closed for a few seconds. (This is more helpful during bright, squint inducing, days).
  3. Keep your eyes open by raising your upper eyelids.  Apparently this takes practice, to consciously raise your upper lids, but it supposedly works.  I will be trying this on my next photo op.
  4. Shove toothpicks under your eyelids.  It hurts.  But it works.

For more information and suggestions on how to not blink during photos, go here.

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