Feb 19

I Could Use Another Napkin

“I could use another napkin”, I said to my wife as I was driving us all home from our weekend getaway. I had just devoured an In-n-Out Double Double, on the freeway, and my fingers were still kinda soggy. She snapped back with a frenzied, “There are no more napkins. You’ll just have to accept it. It’s total chaos in here!!”. THAT took me by surprise. Because of my awesomely powerful ability to “tune things out”, I had tuned out the ENTIRE car!

She was right… about the napkins being out. And even more so about the chaos. Alistair (4 months) was screaming his head off, and Noble (3 yrs) couldn’t stop coughing. It was LOUD in that car. Gayle had managed to contort her body 180 degrees, whilst remaining in her seat belt, so that with her one hand reaching back, she could feebly attempt to hold the binky in Alistair’s mouth. And with her other hand she was trying to find Noble’s little stuffed animal that he was repeatedly requesting in between hacking. Bottom of the priority list….my napkin.

This leads me to the wise saying that my wife came up with about riding passenger in a car, “When you are young, without kids…you call shotgun. When you have a family….you wish you had one.” Being the co-pilot is supposed to be this easy, relaxing job where you take a gander at the map when you are somewhere near the vicinity of your destination. Perhaps you nap for 3/4 the trip, or slowly drink your latte while you stare off at the beautiful passing scenery, and imagine how awesome your life is because you don’t have to be driving. Well, when you have kids, driving is like going to the spa. It is your moment of relaxation where the only answer you need to have prepared is, “I can’t, I’m driving.” I can’t tell you how sweet it is to say that. The co-pilot in this case is a full time, stressful job when you have kids. You are in charge of everything in that car for the duration of the ENTIRE TRIP!

Sometimes I complain about having to drive all the time. Not this time.

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