Feb 23

I screwed up!

The lesson I learned yesterday:

Don’t place the refill bottle of hand soap next to the refill bottle of Jet Dry rinse aid.  Because at the end of the day, when I have literally stopped using my brain, I have a tendency to not check my work.  So there I am, filling up the rinse aid compartment of our dishwasher with hand soap….wondering to myself as I watch it glug glug glug why it is pouring slower than normal, and why it seems thicker.  Only after the 5th or 6th glug did I actually think to check what I was putting in the compartment.  Sure enough, it’s the hand soap!

If this happens to you, just flush it out with water as much as you can, and run the dishwasher a couple times.  Seems to have solved the issue.  I think it would have been worse had I used liquid dish detergent.  Then I would have had a sudsy mess.

Here’s a link if you pulled a bonehead move like myself, but used liquid dish soap:

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