Nov 23

The idea is genius. The product is not.


There  is so much “junk” you can buy for your baby.  And most of it seems really cool when you are checking it out in the store.  Like those bowls and plates that have the suction cups on the bottom.  That sounds like a great purchase, doesn’t it? You get it so your kid can’t drop the plate, or bowl, off the high chair.  Genius!  But that’s not how they work.  You will suction that damn thing onto the high chair, and they will find a way to tear it from it’s suctiony hold.  So instead of a plate that they slide off the side of the high chair, you now have a projectile being hurled across the room because the plate’s suction cups couldn’t outlast your child’s intense determination.

It doesn’t matter that I’ve been suckered into these neat sounding products.  I still find a way to be drawn in to the idea of a product that can alleviate a mess.  And that’s where this thing came in:

The idea is genius!  It’s like a sippy cup for solid snacks!  Your child puts his hand in, grabs the snack, pulls the snack out, and can feel free to toss the thing around all he wants….no spills!  Sounds great, right?!  That is NOT how this stupid frickin thing works.  At our house, Alistair grips the cup by sticking his thumb into the top opening, and then by grabbing the rest of the cup with his remaining fingers, he begins to vigorously shake.  Not unlike when you are shaking cumin, or parsley flakes, or whatever whacky seasoning you like to use, this is how Alistair removes his treats…All.  Over.  The floor.  Congratulations BBabies R Us.  You win again.

So much easier to spread it all over the floor first....

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