Sep 24

Introduction to Fire


ooooh, fire! Noble and Grayson hypnotised by fire in Spokane, WA

Well, I think I screwed up on that one.  Noble wanted to pretend it was his birthday and blow out some candles. I thought this was a fun idea, and so I got my bbq lighter out and pulled out some candles.  We set up shop on the patio table.

“I want to light the candles,” requested my eager to learn son.

I thought, wow, here’s an opportunity to teach my son something really cool!  So I took great care to explain how to push down on the child proofing system (at the time I didn’t think of it as the “child proof” system, so much as the pain in the ass thing you have to do to get it to light each time), and then with some force he would be able to light it. Because it required too much effort to hold the child proofing thing down, I helped out and got the fire started for him and then all he had to do was hold the button down.

The entire time I was talking about being careful and watching what you are doing.  It never crossed my mind that I was teaching my FOUR YEAR OLD how to bypass a child proofing system and create FIRE!

We played Happy Birthday over and over again.  Noble was lighting the candles on fire and loving every minute of it.  I was so happy to be sharing this father and son moment.

Then Gayle came home and helped me to understand what a complete and utter dipshit I was….am.  I’d love to say that it was a warm and gentle conversation on the pros and cons of letting our child play with a lighter.  Twas not.  The result was that I had to confess to every parent Noble had a playdate with, for the next few weeks, that I taught our son how to use a lighter, and how much of a dumb ass I am.

Sometimes you forget that your kids are really young, and things that might seem to be contained actually can have repercussions that aren’t intended; like, say, oh, Noble teaching all his friends how to light a lighter and burn down a house, or, perhaps a city.

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