Jun 17

I’ve Been Hacked


Damn computer pirates. If you have been wondering why I had some random page with strange writing that said something about hacking….well, that’s what happened.  They got me.  Apparently it wasn’t malicious, it was just some jerk-off taking over my site and letting the world know how cool he is.  So I’ve been dealing with this crap for the past few days.  SERENITY NOW!!!! On top of that, my modem broke, and AT&T wanted $100 for a new one, so I had to go through the whole “screw you, I’m switching to Charter” process.

Now I just have to get all my pictures back online, and get the header back up there.  But I kinda like that picture of the dude walking down the country road.  Reminds me of what it feels like when you have no internet….completely cut off from the world, and actually getting outside and connecting with nature.  How very strange.

But I’m back online now!  Woo-hoo!!

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