Apr 19

A Traumatically Awesome Birthday Party


Most of the time when you hire a “character” for a birthday party, you expect to get someone who makes an effort at looking like the character and entertains the children.  Hopefully they aren’t drunk and stinking of American Spirits. We had no idea that when we hired the guys at Swordplay that we were paying for extreme awesomeness with a side of trauma.

Noble wanted a Star Wars party, and we did NOT want to throw a party at our house.  So we had the party at Swordplay.  When you pick the Star Wars party, they ask you to choose two characters.  Noble wanted Obi Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul.  Here’s a summary of that party:


Obi Wan training the younglings. Birthday Party Fun!

Everything was going fantastic!  And then, from outside, against that garage door type situation you see in the background, there was a loud BANG!  And another BANG!  Some parents thought we were about to be robbed by some “hooligan youths.” But look who entered and scared the living snot out of the children…

Darth Maul Arrives!

Obi Wan calmly told the children to get behind him…part of the schtick…which brings me to one of my favorite pictures.  I call it…

"Le Shitting of Le Pants"

Some kids ran to their parents, some took off and hid under the tables.  What was once a festive party had become a trauma ward on the sidelines, with a few survivors…

Where did everybody go?? Noble, Floyd, and Kiera stayed strong...even WITH soiled underpants.

This party was amazing.  Obi Wan and Darth Maul put on a fantastic show.  Tons of humor for the parents sitting on the sidelines, and lots of kid games incorporated so nicely into the Star Wars world.  Darth Maul and Obi Wan ended the party with a light saber duel that Obi Wan Kenobi won.  This forced Darth Maul to take the jedi oath and become good…even though when given the choice of Darth Mauls fate, my precious, well mannered, nice son chose “chop him in half!”  That just played into their storyline and Obi Wan had all the kids take the jedi oath WITH Darth Maul.

The best part of this party was how Darth Maul was able to rally the kids back from being horrified!  In the end, everybody got together and did a light saber salute:

No longer afraid of the crazy red faced man with yellow eyes!

I’ve always said that a great birthday party has three things:  food, entertainment, and horrific nightmare inducing trauma.  And we got all three!  HOME RUN!

That's my little jedi putting the saber beat down on Darthy.

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