Sep 14

Kalibak, Iron Man, and the Killer Moth


I got the opportunity of a lifetime this last weekend!

I got to dissect silver Iron Man and surgically use his arms and legs for use with a monster’s torso.  I know, right!  TOTAL DREAM COME TRUE!

I’ve had my eyes on the back screws of that silver Iron Man for quite some time.  I don’t know what it is about seeing a bunch of screws holding something together that makes me just want to dive in with a phillips screwdriver! Maybe I should have studied to become a surgeon.  On second thought, no, because a surgeon can’t wedge a flathead screwdriver into a human body, and then bang it with a hammer to get the front piece off.  You see, I’m not the most patient de-constructor. Sure, I enjoy the methodical process of removing a bunch of screws as much as the next guy, but if the damn thing doesn’t easily pop apart then I’m getting out my flathead!

Well, that day was the day I was gonna be able to take Iron Man apart.  The quickest version of how we got here is:

  1. Noble’s best friend Will had a birthday party.
  2. Noble had a fever and couldn’t go.
  3. We decided to buy Noble a toy to ease the pain.
  4. I bought him the most ridiculous looking supervillian called Killer Moth, because it ALSO came with a monster torso….some guy named Kalibak. (Definitely a risky move.  I could have easily bought another Spiderman toy and coasted, but I wanted to go for broke! And this Killer Moth guy looks like the product of sitting Elton John and Richard Simmons in a room together with the goal of outfitting, and naming a super villain.  So it could have gone either way, pun intended.)

    The Killer Moth - what??

  5. The only way to complete the Kalibak creature, which Noble so desperately wanted to do, was to buy 4 other DC characters.  (each came with an appendage)
  6. No way in hell.
  7. Noble suggested we should use Iron Mans arms and legs.
  8. What?! Are you kidding me?! ABSO-FRICKIN-LUTELY DUDE! Let me get my screwdriver!

It took a bit of ‘outside the box’ thinking, because the pieces didn’t really match up perfectly, but I think I MacGyvered a pretty cool creature together.  Behold:  The morphing of Kalibak and silver Iron Man!  Noble calls him…..THE BEAST


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