Jun 13

What To Do With My Kids This Summer


School is out.  To my child, this is a declaration of joyous possibilities.  To me, this is a statement that infuses my body with stress and fear.  I am going to have both my kids ALL DAY LONG FOR TWO MONTHS!  I am so scared.  So very, very scared.

You know I love my kids, right?  You know spending time with them is really fun, right? You also know that a five year old boy mixed with a 1.5 year old boy, for long stretches of time, causes complete chaos, right?  You know that having those two boys, all day long for two months, will cause my back to potentially “give up,” right? The amount of jumping on my back will exponentially increase this summer.  And I have not prepared for it.  I have not been exercising my core.  In other words, I am in serious trouble.  Chiropractor on speed dial.

So what will Noble and Alistair be doing this summer?  Whatever I can possibly find!  Most people plan ahead for this kind of thing.  I’m one of the dumb ones.  I do, however, have some ideas.  So far we got some tennis, some golf, and swimming for Noble.  We haven’t nailed down the swimming location, yet.  I really don’t enjoy the swim classes at the popular local aquatic center.  The classes are so huge and the water is so….questionable? Going to a public swim there in the summer, you basically get in the pool with 100 other people, and you stake your claim on an area of about 4 feet by 4 feet.  And there you stand.  Maybe you bounce up and down.  Spinning in circles is neat, too.  If you are ballsy, perhaps you try and swim around other people’s areas.  That’s more for the advanced swimmer, though. Oh, did I mention that they don’t allow kids to wear life jackets? So I would be holding my 5 year old the entire time.  Do you know how fun it is for a five year old to hold on to their father and, um, float for awhile?  Zero fun.

My wife and I connected with the family of some of Noble’s friends to create a Friends Camp.  Basically, it’s a week of long playdates hosted by each of the parents on different days.  My wife and I are paranoid about dropping our 5 year old off with a stranger or group of strangers to do a camp.  We live in the city, not some nice small town where nobody would have issues with it.  So getting the friends together and theming out each day seemed like the way to go.  I’ll have to keep you updated to see how it goes.  Friend Camp starts July 18, 2011!

Alistair, showing great proficiency in tumbling, will be going to a gymnastics class.  Hopefully he will learn how to do a proper somersault.  Currently, his body does the somersault, and his head figures it out at the end.

What are you guys doing this summer?  If you are in the Pasadena area, where are you taking your kids?  Please consider this a plea for my sanity.  We will be on vacation for a couple of weeks.  But that’s only a couple of weeks! Where can I take my kids?!  WHERE?!



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