Jun 12

What I’m Doing With The Kids This Summer


I’ll tell you what I’m doing with my kids this summer:  WORK!  I remember when summer came in my day.  That’s right, I’m old enough to say, “in my day.”  I’m only 36 years old, but I feel 76.  In my day we worked for sweat shop labor prices in a berry field and hoped to scrape $100 after working for most of the summer.  Not only that, but we mowed lawns, did dishes, cleaned house….we had chores!  And that is how we are kicking off the summer.  And we are doing it in style.  No behavior chart this time.  This time, it’s the chore chart!

Notice how they all say NOT DONE? That's pretty much our starting point for this: a whole lotta NOT done!

Here’s how we made it:

We went to Michael’s arts and crafts store and got all the stuff that we needed:

  • Magnetic adhesive sheet – we used that for the pictures of their faces.
  • Paintable magnetic vinyl sheet – this is what we used to create the DONE and NOT DONE magnets.
  • Magnets – how else are you going to stick it on the magnet board?
  • Glass Bead Ball Dealies – these were over by the flower arrangement section.  That’s the best I can do for you! I maintain the “fish out of water” defense at that store.
  • Glue – we used the glass glue to glue to the glass bead thingy.  Then we used crazy glue on the magnets.
  • Thick Paper (not pictured) – so yeah, you’ll need this.  Something to write/draw with couldn’t hurt either…do I really need to spell it ALL out?  You’re an advanced person, aren’t you?  I’m going to give you the credit you deserve, and I’m not going to mention scissors.

So the idea is that we create little icons for the various chores.  Chores we are using are things like feeding the cats, cleaning your room, changing the oil in my car, prepping my taxes…simple stuff.

We used two magnets because using one was too weak. And no, Noble did not draw that cat...that is my awesome artistic interpretation!

I was so paranoid that he was going to get Krazy glue on his fingers and then touch his eye or something. I gotta loosen up a bit! I got nerves. And he apparently had two watches on.

And voila! A chore is born! The cats will be so thankful.

We add to this the words “DONE” and “NOT DONE” using the paintable magnetic thingies and we have ourselves a chore board!

Now it’s time to get these kids to work!  Welcome to your summer boys! MWA HA AH AHA (evil laughter)

Here are the chores we have so far:

  • clean room
  • put away clothes
  • set dinner table
  • brush teeth
  • feed dog
  • feed cats
  • slaughter the cow
  • just kidding
  • we don’t have a cow
  • even if we did I wouldn’t make my children slaughter it
  • we’d probably name it and never eat it
  • unless we were hungry
  • never say never, I guess.

PLEASE comment below with chores you give your 6 year old and also your 2.5 year old. I have plenty more glass bead deals, and I’m all ears!

Disclosure: I’m not all horrible.  I don’t want you thinking the kids and I aren’t going to have fun and do some relaxing stuff this summer.  I’m going to teach them how to massage my feet and give me pedicures….so there will be plenty of relaxing going on.

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