Sep 6

Lego Time


Gayle sometimes wonders why Noble likes playing with me over her. My usual reasoning is that we have different roles with our child. She most definitely gets all the snuggle time and huggy mush stuff. And when it comes to the horsing around, I usually am the favored parent.

But I would like to submit a very clear reason why our son prefers to play things like, let’s say legos, with me.  See exhibit A and B:  A kick ass rocket ship that I made while the family played legos.

Now, I’m no lego expert, but I definitely know how to make spaceships.  Here’s another view of the creation that Noble played with all afternoon!

Now let me submit to you what Gayle was working on while Noble and I made our creations.  She was at the table putting pieces together.  Noble and I looked over at what Gayle was working on, and this is what she showed us….

..a TABLE!

“Why did you make a table?!” I asked.

“It’s actually going to be a sink.”

YES!  This is exactly what a four year old boy is thinking when he plays legos! “Man I can’t wait to build a sink so I can play some hardcore, miniature, hand washing of the dishes! This is gonna be so intense I’m gonna need a really long nap afterwards! Lego Dishes Rules!!!”

Ps – I love you Gayle.

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