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Lessons, Tips and Tricks for Halloween

This year we had a really fun Halloween.  I’m happy to report that both of my children were well behaved, which means no crying, no whining, no obnoxious behavior, and no physical violence!  We were so proud!

But Halloween was not without it’s lessons.  So I will share some ideas with you now, a couple days later, in the most untimely post possible.  Although next year, I will post this a few days before Halloween, making it the most perfectly timed post ever!

As with our tradition, we like to invite some parents and kids over to our house as a starting point for the trick or treating.  We live a couple blocks away from a really big trick or treating spot, so we begin our journey with a bunch of friends.  We get a nice group photo, because a bunch of kids dressed up for Halloween is really cute.  This particular photo op felt more like a photo shoot for a magazine.  All parents were firing away, trying to get the kids to pay attention, and it lasted WAY too long.  I think we all got about 50 shots!  Poor kids…but hey, sometimes these kids need to sacrifice for the sake of cute pictures.  Here’s one of my favorites:

Ultimate Cuteness

One tip for heading out with a large group is to make sure everyone knows that it’s ok to peel off from the pack.  There’s no obligation to keep together.  Some parents have smaller kids that take more time, and other kids are amped up and want to hit every house as if they are almost out of time.  Yes, it’s nice to stay together, and we do a pretty good job of it, but it can be a very slow boring time for the older kids to have to sit around and wait for the tiny ones.  So keep that in mind as you go.

Our new friend Lisa gets all kinds of credit for bringing glow sticks.  I think we all know that we SHOULD have glow sticks, or some form of unique light to decorate our children with.  But it never fails that most of us forget.  So a major shout out to Lisa Gilchrist for bringing all those glow sticks.  When it’s dark out, and you are on a street that is loaded with kids, it’s important to have some kind of unique identifier, in the event that your child separates from you.  Glow sticks are perfect for this.

**Side Note*** Glow sticks are NON-toxic.  Alistair bit into one in the evening and made a gross out face when he tasted some of the liquid.  In typical, OH MY GOD MY KID HAS BEEN POISONED fashion, we called Poison Control and we learned that it apparently happens a lot and that we could rinse his mouth out if we want, but nothing will happen.  PHEW!

Here’s something neat I learned: flash cameras annoy people.  When you take a picture of your kid in the dark while people are walking by…it blinds them.  I wish I had an answer for this, but I don’t.  My fatherliness prevents me from stopping my picture taking rampage.  I’m a slave to the cuteness of my children and am willing to put people’s eyesight in jeopardy in order to capture a “moment.” So maybe let’s make this paragraph my global apology to all people I blinded on Halloween.  So sorry.

Stay off your iPhones and Blackberries while you are taking your children trick or treating.  In the time it took me to answer my phone and ask my brother if I could call him back, Noble had slipped past me and gone with his friends to the next house.  It was only after I hung up the phone and scanned around that I realized Noble was at the next house with his friends.

Check the Halloween candy.  We throw out all candy if it’s homemade (sorry all you nice grandmas out there with good intentions…) or if the wrapper is torn or opened.

And one final tip for Halloween night:  Let your kid eat some candy before bed.  I mean, come on, it’s Halloween!  It’s one night a year.  This should be a no brainer.  I don’t care how late it is, or what the policy on candy is, that kid deserves to enjoy some loot as soon as you are home.  And it’s not just because I, personally, want to eat some of their candy as soon as we get home.  I promise.  It’s not.  Why are you looking at me like that?  Ok, fine, PART of the reason is that I want to eat some of the candy….but I still think the kids should get a taste bed.

What did YOU learn this Halloween?  Leave it here in the comments section!

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