Apr 21

Like Father Like Son

Earlier, in March, I wrote a post about how I’m plagued with looking stoned in all my photos. I am caught mid-blink about 75% of the time.  It’s annoying to me, but even more so to the person taking the photo, because they have to keep shooting the same picture over and over and over and “Come on!  Are you serious?!” and “UGH!  What is wrong with you?!”

As annoying as it is, it fills me with proud, fatherly joy to know that my son takes after me.  I now have a 6 month old baby who looks like a little tiny stoner tot in his pictures….just like his old man!  And we don’t even touch the stuff….anymore.

Here’s what Alistair looks like on one of the successful pictures. Got a couple of good lookin’ folks in our house!

And now, let’s have a look at the part of Alistair that he gets from his old man!  I’m proud of you, boy!

That’s my boy!  I can’t wait for when we all get some professional family photos taken.  The odds of somebody blinking in every picture are pretty good.  I would like to apologize to Gayle, in advance, for the duration of that photo session.  Sorry bub!

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