Apr 27

Mom Gets Mad Props


I gotta give Gayle “mad props”.  No, I’m not talking about some kind of angry object used in theatre.  I am referring to the mad props that are doled out by the kids these days when they acknowledge something well done.  I have heard the term “kudos” used in this case; as well as the terms credit and praise. Depending on what country/culture you are from, you might even use words like “boolah boolah”, or “neato burrito”.

So that’s what I have for Gayle this morning.  We had two children this morning.  Whinybutt and Crankybutt.  Whinybutt kept badgering me to play with him.  I was completely on board.  “What should we play?” I lovingly asked.  “I don’t know!” was the Whinybutt’s whiny reply.  So I came up with a variety of suggestions: hide the guys, drawing, legos, batcave. All of them were denied.  So I put it to him. “Ok, I’ve suggested a bunch, and you keep  saying no, so why don’t you tell me what you want to play, and we’ll just play that.”

All the while that this debate over WHAT to play is going on, the clock is inching closer and closer to school time.  Also, Alistair, er, excuse me, Crankybutt, is screaming at the slightest infraction of his peace.  So I am holding him, and trying to find a game with Whinybutt.  A massive morning failure is occuring on my part, until Wifeyface comes to save the day.

While I went to get dressed to take Noble to school, Wifeyface turned the tables on the situation.  She turned the crib into a play fort of fun and stuffed animals.  And she instantly turned Whinybutt and Crankybutt into Noble James and Alistair Penn.

So a shout out to Wifeyface today.

Well done!  Or, as they say in that tribe place in South America that nobody has discovered yet, but that I know about…..”Hok’ka Lu’u’gee!”

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