Nov 2

Mommy Has A Weener


Gayle was working late the other night.  I thought it would be a nice gesture for Noble to draw a picture for mommy.  He agreed and went on to draw this:

From left to right, he drew Gayle, or “mom” as we know her.  Then me.  Then himself and finally Alistair on the right. Noble is actually holding a pen and that round thing is the piece of paper he’s drawing on.  You can see under the picture of Alistair where he began to spell his name, but then felt he messed up, so he rewrote it down below.  Not too shabby.

The interesting part came when Gayle arrived home.  She was so happy to receive the letter (we sealed it in an envelope and stuck it in our mailbox.) Upon looking it over and thoroughly enjoying it, she asked a couple questions.

Noble explained to her that we were all hugging each other.  Very cute!  Then Gayle followed up by asking about the two circle type deals in her midsection.  To which, Noble explained, “The one on the top is the food that you have in your belly.  And the other one is your weener.”

My jaw dropped.  All these years of being married to Gayle and I’m just NOW learning about her weener!  Needless to say I was a bit shocked. Finding out your loved one has been pulling a Crying Game on you is a bit of a rug pull.  Thanks to Noble for bringing it all to light!


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