Mar 11

Mustrid Worm Soup

Noble took me on a culinary adventure! Here is a concoction that he calls “Mustrid Worm Soup”. It’s surprisingly simple, and yet filled with all sorts of palate pleasing flavors.

Here’s the recipe:

  1. Start by digging a hole in your backyard. I know it’s unorthodox cooking, but trust me, the end result is perfection!
  2. Next, fill that hole, half full, with water.  Play in that hole until your shoes and socks are good and muddy.  That’s how you’ll know it’s ready for step 3.
  3. Now it’s time to add the flavors.  Noble liked starting with some baby carrots from the fridge.  4-5 of them will do.
  4. Get some old basil that mom was going to throw out…because everybody knows that right as basil is turning bad is when it’s flavor really sings!  Add all of it to the mixture.  Stir with a golf club.
  5. Next, pilfer from the variety of fruit bearing trees that you have in your immediate surroundings.  We are very fortunate to have oranges, lemons, and some mini-oranges at our disposal. Add to mixture and stir with golf club.
  6. Grab two handfuls of yard.  Place in hole.
  7. Mix in some flower petals.  Helps if they are nice ones that people enjoyed looking at.  Good rule of thumb – if you enjoy looking at it, then you’ll REALLY enjoy eating it!
  8. After stirring this mixture, add the fire pit lid over top so that no bugs get in.
  9. While this cooks, be sure to poke holes and make long tears in the fire pit lid. (It helps to have the owner of the fire pit out of sight at this point, as they may not approve of the mutilation of their property.)
  10. Next, take a badminton shuttlecock and scoop up a sampling of this delicacy. Then throw the muddy shuttlecock at something random.
  11. If you are like us, and have a Yeti problem, then you need to make sure you put some anti-Yeti agents in the mixture.  This is done by putting 5 or 6 rocks into the bottom of the soup. That way if the Yeti tries to eat it, he’ll bite a rock and then blow up.  (This doesn’t sound right, but who am I to question a 3 year old culinary genius)
  12. Soup is done.  It might be a little dry from absorbed water, so just add more water, and then beat the mixture with the golf club until it gets all over your face. (The following picture of Noble has something photoshopped out. Check out the previous post to see.

  13. Yummy!!

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